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EMMANUEL Ministries International

Declare His Glory among the nations.....(Ps. 96:3)

Declaring His Glory


(excerpt from "Balance and the Glory)

"The silver is mine and the gold is mine

saith the Lord

The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the

former, saith the Lord of Hosts;

And in this place will I give peace,

saith the Lord of Hosts."

(Haggai 2:8,9)

The Lord Jesus is returning for a Church without spot, blemish, or wrinkle. He is returning for a glorious Church -- a beautiful Bride.

The early Church began with a blaze of splendor -- it blazed the trail of Jesus' SPLENDOR, MAJESTY and POWER AND GLORIFIED GOD.

The Body of Christ must arise and cooperate with the Head of the Church, the Lord Jesus Christ, as the Holy Spirit moves to rebuild and fill us with His glory.

The Lord Jesus is saying to His Body:

"Consider your ways. Think about what you've been doing and put My plans and purposes -- My agenda -- upon your heart. Consider your past and present conduct, your attitude concerning My house. Prepare your hearts and minds to pursue the things that are on MY heart. Let MY agenda be your agenda. Remember who you are. You are My very own Body who I purchased with My Blood. I am your Head. My Body, obviously, should go in the same direction as its Head and carry out the agenda that comes from its Head.

"Consider and value My presence in you. Remember that I promised never to leave or forsake you. Remember that I am not only WITH you, but I am IN you and UPON you. I have purchased you with My precious Blood and you are mine. YOU ARE MY HOUSE! (1 Peter 2:5). You are the LATTER HOUSE that I take full responsibility to perfect and make beautiful to behold. I take full responsibility to ADORN and to grace you with STRENGTH, COURAGE, BEAUTY and SPLENDOR.

"To the world and even to yourself you cannot see anything splendid or spectacular about you because you have walked in discouragement, discontentment, deception, deprivation, distractions, distress, worldliness, fears and stress; yet I, PERSONALLY, am ready to ADORN you, My Body and fill you with My glory as never before. And truly, the GLORY OF THE LATTER HOUSE SHALL BE GREATER THAN THE GLORY OF THE FORMER HOUSE.

"I ask of you one thing, that you OBEY Me now -- that you purpose to carry out My plans and purposes as I lead, guide and direct you by My Spirit. REMEMBER, TO LOVE ME IS TO OBEY ME!

"Build My House! Extend My House! Enlarge My House! Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matthew 9:33)

"And you have been asking, Lord, where are the miracles we long to see flow from You? Why are they so few? Why so much sickness and disease in Yur Body? But I say to you, NOW is the time -- the appointed time -- for Me to ADORN you and FLOOD YOU WITH MY GLORY. The miracles you long for are in My GLORY: cancers, heart disease, respiratory problems, kidney conditions, diseases known and unknown to man, will be healed quickly in My GLORY. Limbs will grow out in My GLORY; blind eyes and deaf ears opened in My GLORY; the dead raised in My GLORY; masses saved in My GLORY; financial and material overflow in My GLORY; LOVE, JOY, PEACE in My GLORY; PERFECT HARMONY -- THE WORKING TOGETHER OF EACH PART, FITLY JOINED TOGETHER IN HARMONIOUS UNITY -- ALL THIS AND MORE -- IN MY GLORY!!!

"Know this, My remnant will OBEY and shall see and experience the reality of the GLORY of this LATTER HOUSE and enjoy the rewards of it and I shall be magnified in My Body in the midst of a lost, hurting, dying and needy world and they shall see Me for who I AM -- the GLORY and MAJESTY OF MY FATHER GOD. Multitudes shall be reconciled to Him -- the Harvest shall be reaped and I shall return for My GLORIOUS Body -- My Bride -- the Church of the Living God. Amen!"

It is exciting to know that God is perfecting His Church in character and in purpose -- to BE like Him and to DO what He did as He walked on the earth. Thank God, Jesus is still walking on the earth by His Holy Spirit, through His true sons. Let us be bold to walk by faith, being Christ to those around us. He is EMMANUEL -- GOD with us. (Matthew 1:23) Let us live Christ-like lives, FILLED WITH HIS GLORY -- with His wonderful Gifts flowing through us to a hurting and lost world, so they can desire to know our God.

For His Glory,

Apostle Barbara Gould