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EMMANUEL Ministries International

Declare His Glory among the nations.....(Ps. 96:3)

A House Divided ... Cannot Stand

The Church: Balanced...Efficient...Effective

.We have been called out to bring glory to our Lord. Hence, w need to be stable and effective Christians -- not "hit or miss" Christians, but hitting the mark. God desires His Body to be balanced, therefore, He has equipped His people with the means to achieve this balance.

As we conduct ourselves in this balanced lifestyle we will become the extension of the Lord Jesus Christ. We will bring glory to Him. We will declare it emphatically, "We are the Body of Christ -- the Church of the Living God. We are the Triumphant Church filled up with the fullness of God -- filled with His glory." That is really who we are!!!

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These books are great teaching tools. I encourage you to use them as such. "A House Divided" gives insight into the spirit (inner man), soul (mind, will and emotions) and body. It gives understanding on how to develop the spirit man, transform the mind, which enables us to live in the victory that Jesus Christ already won for us.

"Greater Glory" helps us to come in alignment with God's divine order, so that we can become stable, steadfast, balanced, efficient and effective. It will enable us to live consistently in His Glory, thus giving glory to God, consistently!!!

Personally, I have found them to be great foundational teaching tools, especially for these end times.

Shalom, Apostle Barbara

As the new man on the inside grows and the mind is renewed with the Word of God, you will be transformed step by step by the power of Almighty God.

When Jesus Christ comes into our hearts and lives, He gives each one of us a brand new beginning. No matter what our first birth dealt us, imparted to us or impregnated us with, good or bad, Jesus Christ has given us a new life with fresh and new thoughts, words, actions which will culminate in fresh and new habits and behaviors!!!